Pediatric services

Specialty Care

Consultant Pediatrician Dr. Shaneela Shahid provides specialty care for patients up to age 18.

She is working as Consultant Pediatrician at Milton District Hospital ,Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital & Joseph Brant Hospital . Dr. Shaneela Shahid is also Assistant Clinical Professor at McMaster University.

She is accepting referrals for the following Pediatric Consultations.

  • Constipation Assessment & Evaluation

  • Childhood Growth / Development

  • Developmental Evaluations

  •  Behavior Assessment & Counselling

  •  School Problems & Counselling

  •  Autism Assessment / Evaluations

  •  Adolescent Medicine

  •  Health Education & Disease Prevention

  •  Pediatric Asthma Evaluation & Treatment

  •  Pediatric Endocrine Assessment & Management etc